Why Am I Doing This?

This is definitely an important post for me to write before I start, because I know I’ll be asking myself this question soon – as soon as it gets tough! So I’m getting my reasons down in writing to look back at.


The main reason is that I want to age well. I want to stay strong and healthy into middle and old age, and not end up with dementia sitting helpless in a bed all day like my grandmother is. She’s 95, and unlikely to die anytime soon, but is entirely unable to do anything for herself. It’s been about 20 years or more since she could even go to the shops without someone driving her there and carrying her shopping. Can you imagine living your last years like that? One option is to start saving for Dignitas now, the other is to do plenty of exercise. The latter seems more positive.

Feeling Better

Being fit and exercising regularly will mean I’m stronger, my day-to-day tasks like carrying shopping or my son, moving furniture, digging will all be easier and less painful. But much more importantly, regular exercise will mean I feel better in myself – I’ll have more energy, be less tired, feel more positive, get less aches and pains, and feel young instead of old. Damn what I’m like when I’m old – this’ll help right now, too.

Looking Better

I want to look great. I want to look in the mirror and feel good about myself. I don’t want to look pale, ill, unhealthy, saggy. I want to be slim, toned and glowing with life. I can see the difference even from a couple of weeks exercise – how good will I look after 90 days? When I was younger – teens and 20s – I was never actually strong, I was always bookish and washed-out. I have no idea how good I might look if I get healthy now. I’d love to find out.


I want to be able to go and walk/run around all weekend and not ache afterwards. I want to be able to decide to go and play sport or take a hike without having to ensure I have a day to recover afterwards. I want to include all these things in my normal leisure time rather than skip them because I’m too tired.

Setting an Example

My son is never going to be fit and fast if I won’t run around with him. He’ll never make sport and exercise a regular part of his life unless I do too. If we just watch TV every time it’s cold or rainy, that’s all he’ll ever know to do. I want him to know all this stuff as he grows up, and keep it as part of his life, rather than have to figure it out himself in his 30s as I have.

Showing Off

I want to look great, be strong, and be able to show that off. I want to finish something and feel really proud of it. I want to know that I set myself a challenge, and met it even when it got tough.

Building a Habit

Doing a programme for 90 days might be long enough to get me in the habit of setting aside exercise time always, working my life around that, and let me carry on doing exercise daily when it’s over. Whether I do the same programme again, or something else altogether, I hope to carry on after the 90 days are up.


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