Day 3: Arms and Back; Ab Ripper again

Correction: actually this workout is called shoulders and arms. Sorry!

Another strength training day today, after yesterday’s cardio break. The focus for day 3 (and 10, 17) is arms and back followed by Ab Ripper.

Arms and Back

So how did it go? Very much like day one – I spent a lot of my time trying to get the form right and find the right weights, and it took forever. There are some great exercises here. It’s also well structured in groups of three exercises rotating between shoulder, biceps, and triceps so you don’t work the same muscles twice in a row. I was being quite cautious to pace myself so I didn’t burn out halfway through but actually the rotation means you can push yourself pretty hard. Next week I’ll up the weights quite a bit for a lot of the exercises.

I think at this rate, I might treat this as a “learning week” and do an extra week in phase one to compensate.

Ab Ripper

So: arms and back work out good. How about the ab ripper workout? Well, still not a fan. I just don’t get a decent amount of work done. Even if I just pause the disk and take it at my own pace, there are a few exercises I just can’t do right now – because of balance mainly – and there’s no way to mod them so I still get a decent workout done.

This workout really doesn’t match the quality of the others in terms of ability to adapt it to your level.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s too hard – but I’m not failing because my abs get tired, I’m failing because my legs get tired or I can’t keep the balance. And that’s really frustrating.

I think I’m going to keep trying it on the abs days, but do my regular abs workout afterwards so that at least I know I’m getting a proper routine done. If its not getting any better at the end of phase one, I’ll chuck it and just do my own abs routine instead.

So – next up is the yoga – really excited about that! Although the one I’m really looking forward to is the Kenpo on Saturday since I haven’t done anything like that before.


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