Not Too Achy; plus Recovery Drink

Ache Update

I said I’d do an update today to see how achy I was after Plyometrics. I’m pleased to say Not Very. I’m quite surprised, to be honest. I’m a bit stiff, but no muscles are actually painful. I’m attributing it to the recovery drink, which seems to have semi-magical properties for preventing next-day aches.

Recovery Drink

And while we’re on the topic of the recovery drink, I’m not drinking the Team Beachbody one. Nothing to do with cost, but I can’t eat/drink dairy or gluten as they make me ill. The “official” recovery drink has whey, so it’s ruled out for me.

But on their blog, Team Beachbody suggest a vegan alternative of soya protein powder in 340ml of apple juice. I couldn’t find gluten-free soya protein so I’m using hemp protein instead. With it, I take a couple of multivits, calcium tablets (as my diet is low in calcium, anyone else probably doesn’t need that), some omega-3 and a glucosamine supplement. Apparently the official one contains creatine too, but I was worried I’d start to rattle if I added any more tablets.

It seems to be working well so far. I tried it on my regular strength workout before I started P90X, and it got rid of my usual aches completely. With P90X so far I’ve only noticed slight stiffness and no pain.

A nutritionist friend forwarded me an article which seems to support taking protein within an hour of exercise for muscle growth, so I’d assume muscle repair would be related.

So, tentatively, I’m going to come down in favour of a recovery drink after workouts. Although I can’t say anything on how effective the Team Beachbody is compared to alternatives.

I would warn you though, hemp protein tastes HORRIBLE! I’m definitely stikl looking for a decent alternative.


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