Day 1: Again

Quick recap: I started P90X last week, misjudged, got it wrong, and I’m starting again from the beginning this week. Today, Monday, is day 1. So how did it go?

For starters, this evening I really had to push myself to do the workout – it felt depressing being right back at the beginning again. In my head, I was trying to remind myself to “just press play” and do it without thinking about it. If I thought too much I’d have given up and gone to bed.

It was another late start – stuff to do earlier in the evening, so I started about 10:30, and only just finished now (00:30 ish), having done Chest & Back and the Ab Ripper.

BIG change from last week. Over the weekend, I’d had to carry my son on a train, holding him up in my arms for about 40  mins. He’s roughly 45lb. Now, after that train ride (and during that train ride) my arms were KILLING – way more than I’d put myself through doing P90X. But then, I was holding a (wriggly) weight solidly for 40 mins, which is also more than I’d do in P90X. So… to cut a long story short, I started with a much higher weight of resistance bands than last week.

Much, much better workout. And by “better”, I mean “OW! OW! OW!”, but in a good way. I think I’m going to feel this tomorrow. A lot.

For the bicep ones, I started with 30lb for the first round, but even that was quite easy, so I went to 43lb (30+13), and that was about right. For the back flys, I  have to use much less weight. And for the push-ups I’m on 1/4 pushups (from the waist not even knees). But putting my full upper body weight and doing reps ’til I drop. Whatever gets me there, that’s what I’ll do.

So, once I’d crawled to the end of the Chest & Back workout – Ab Ripper. For whatever reason, that was a lot better today than last week. Whether it’s just a good day, or more practice, or I’ve built some abs since last week – not sure. But it felt like a decent workout. Towards the end, I suddenly ran out of juice – just lost all energy – so I didn’t do the Mason Twist. But up until then, I was getting good work done.

So – reluctant start, but a really good workout in the end. Now for sleep!


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