Day 5: Legs & Back

I missed Yoga again this week. I think it’s got less to do with the P90X schedule and more to do with my schedule. I work Monday to Thursday, so on Thursday night I get home, it’s the weekend, and I just don’t want to do a workout. I might need to switch the schedule around so that’s my light day.

Still, back on the horse again today – I’m not missing two days in a row this week. I did the Legs & Back and then Ab Ripper again.

Legs & Back – first time. I did a nice hard workout, but I didn’t feel like I got the weights just right. This one doesn’t seem to be as easy to do with bands – I had a couple of light hand-held weights, but I’ll need to figure out the exact resistance I need and how to do the band versions. Quite a few of the legs exercises are body weight and max reps though, so those are easy to get right.

The pull-up type exercises with bands were good – I already knew the weights for those from the Monday workout. I upped the weight a bit from 43lb to 49lb, and I think can go a bit higher next time too.

Ab Ripper is getting better. It’s still tough, but I can do more of the exercises, and I can feel it doing some good. I can also easily see the progress I’m making as I get more done each time.

Now I’m shattered, and going to watch some Leverage to chill out then go to sleep. Tomorrow: Kenpo. That should be fun 🙂


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