Day 8: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper – It’s Week 2!

It’s my third time of doing it, and I noticed some definite improvements in the Chest & Back workout today. It’s starting to come together so I can do more – not more reps, but better form. The Dive Bomber push-ups which were pretty much impossible before are now doable (albeit with knees not full length), weight still increasing on the pull-ups and chin-ups. Generally a noticeable difference, which is nice and motivating.

I’m also getting through the workout a bit quicker (although it still takes me a lot longer than the “nominal” time, because I have to pause it to switch bands, get some water, etc). But I know a lot of the moves now, so I don’t spend so long figuring them out. Which is nice.

The Ab Ripper, though, not so good. After noticing improvement last time I did it, this time I didn’t eat enough calories today (1200) and just crashed part-way through. Had a bit of apple juice, and got to the end of the workout, but I was noticeably low-powered compared to what I knew I could do. Something for me to keep watching out for, as it’s a repeat mistake.

Generally, feeling pretty good about this week – looking forward to it being a bit less of a struggle. My legs are now improving after completely killing them in Friday’s workout, and hopefully they’ll be back ready for Plyo tomorrow.

Now for some sleep – before midnight! Hurray.


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