Days 6 & 7: Skipped (ouch)

Days 6 (Kenpo X) and 7 (Stretch X) didn’t happen. I’m not feeling too guilty about that – the reason was that my legs are still killing from the Legs & Back workout, so at least I know I worked hard there. I did try to press play on Kenpo X both days, and couldn’t even manage the stretches at the start without it hurting (genuine ouch, not burn or stiffness).

One thing I’m not going to beat myself up about is stuff I just can’t do. I knew I wasn’t that fit to start with, and if I’m doing everything I can, I’m fine with the idea that there are some things I just can’t do yet. Maybe next week I’ll be a bit stronger for the Legs & Back and I’ll recover quicker.

Either way, as long as I know I’m doing the best I can, I’m good with that.

Mind you – still ouch. Hamstrings – they’ve always been my weak point.


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