Day 9: Plyo

Hurray! Plyo was WAY better than last week – that cold must finally be wearing off.

Please note, by “much better” I don’t mean I could do all of it, or that I didn’t need extra breaks, or any of that: I just mean it wasn’t intensely unpleasant, it was fun again. In a painful sort of way.

I find with the Plyo X that by the end of the workout, my legs are running out of spring. I’m not sure why that is. Is it lack of cardio fitness (doesn’t feel like it), lack of leg muscle (maybe, there are a LOT of squats in this), or lack of calories meaning I’m out of fuel? Not sure. If it’s the leg muscle thing, I should see it improving.

I can tell I’m improving overall, which is good. The great thing about starting this programme unfit is that it’s very easy to see the early gains. Once I’ve got a decent base level of fitness, I might need to start counting, timing and measuring to spot improvements. As of now, the gains are very obvious. “Like”.

Incidentally, although I’m definitely putting on muscle, I’m hardly losing any weight – in fact my weight is up and down. Now, I KNOW that muscle weighs more than fat, and if I’m losing inches that’s fine, and I shouldn’t pay too much attention to my weight at this stage. Yes, I know that. Still disappointed, though. Hey, no-one said I was rational.

Also, now I’m in a certain amount of pain. Chest and shoulders aching from yesterday, legs aching from today – phew. Tomorrow is shoulders and arms, which is a bit of relief as I find that one easiest. It hits fewer of my weak points that the other workouts.

Sleep time again – seeya!


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