Day 11: STILL no yoga!

I really meant to do it today, I swear. I’d even been careful not to get too tired on Wednesday so I could do the yoga Thursday night.

Then a friend asked if I could fetch her daughter home with my son after nursery. Which meant running around after two hyper preschoolers until 9pm, at which point I had zero energy left. Could I (technically) have still done the workout anyway? Yes, absolutely. Could I actually? Nope, I just had no energy left, even after I ate.

Oh well, sometimes life just intervenes.

Tonight Legs & Back, tomorrow Kenpo X. Do I (a) max out Legs & Back, and risk missing Kenpo tomorrow if I’m too stiff, or (b) go a bit lighter today and make sure I can do Kenpo? Yep, it’s (a). Let’s just keep my fingers crossed that I can still walk and bend on Saturday 🙂


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