A few thoughts, 2 weeks into P90X

I was musing about P90X when I took my son to the park today. He has a Fliker, which is great fun to ride but used to really make my glutes and calves burn. Now it doesn’t at all, and I’m much better at riding it. It was just another time I noticed how much P90X is improving my fitness. I do look a bit better, too (not so much yet, but some) – but mainly I’ve noticed how much better I feel already. This is a great thing, although I wish there was some way to take a day zero and day 90 picture of how I feel. That’s partly the reason for this blog.

One other thing I’ve noticed is that because the workouts aren’t about isolating muscles much, they tend to work whichever of my muscles is weakest. I’m assuming this is a good thing, because I need to balance my muscles so they can work together effectively. Still, it’s quite funny to notice.

Chest & Back, despite the name, works my shoulders more than anything else – for the first three times I did it, that was about all I felt. This week, for the first time, I also worked my back a bit.

Shoulders & Arms mainly works the shoulders, as well. I guess my shoulders are really not my strong point, huh?

Legs & Back works mainly my quads, but also my hamstrings and glutes a bit. That one’s not too surprising. My calves really don’t suffer at all on this one.

Ab Ripper, interestingly, is working mostly my hip flexors and glutes, rather than my abs.

None of this is that surprising, when I think about it, but it’s still strange to notice how the same workout will affect different muscles on different days. I think that’s probably one of the reasons why P90X is so good.


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts, 2 weeks into P90X

  1. I’ve felt the same, being that I’m going into week 8 and though my weight hasn’t dropped much, I’m happy with the overall fitness changes. I can actually finish the knee tucks in the Plyo workout. Being that my eating habits aren’t the best explains the other issues, so since you’re still early in the program I would highly suggest focusing on the diet/eating habits, it will help show the results you’re feeling.

  2. Yes, I’m sticking quite strictly to the calorie budget, and making sure I get lots of protein. I’e lost 5-6lb so far (in 3 weeks), and if I lose 7lb a month I’ll be pretty happy with that. The changes in strength/energy are much more noticeable though. I was washing up in front of the kitchen window tonight, and I spotted definite shoulder muscles – I think that’s a first in my life 🙂

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