Day 14: X Stretch – another first!

Hurray! I did X Stretch. Which wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, although frankly hamstring stretches just make me want to burst into tears and hide. Not fun.

Aside from my personal foibles, though, the X Stretch was good, and definitely unknotted my back a bit. For some bizarre reason, yesterday’s Kenpo workout decided that my weak muscles of the day were in my upper back, which was definitely stiff before the stretch this evening. Much better now.

So – two whole weeks done! (Well, actually a part-week and a week, but still…). One more week of block 1, then I get to do my first recovery week. I’m very curious about the Core Synergistics, but another week until I get to try it out.

Now, off to read some light-weight fiction before bed: currently reading the Rivers of London series which are very funny.


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