Day 15: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper – again

Beginning to get a bit bored now. This is the fourth week I’ve done this particular workout (since the first week was started then abandoned), and it’s still tough, but much less exciting than it was. I’m really looking forward to the recovery week next week, then training block 2.

Short attention span, moi?

Still, I guess I’m the P90X ideal target audience 😉

Other than that – I’ve got to 60lb resistance bands for the pull-ups/chin-ups, and reached the point where I was pulling myself across the floor rather than stretching the bands because I couldn’t get enough grip. So I switched to “assisted pull-ups” (and chin-ups) which basically means standing on a chair and trying to support my weight as little as possible with my legs. Given how tired my arms and shoulders feel, I’m guessing it’s more or less working. Argh.

Ab Ripper was, as ever, challenging. I’m still tending to run out of energy half way through the Ab Ripper, and reach the end at a metaphorical stagger. I don’t really want to eat a load more calories, as I want to lose weight – but it’s getting really quite unpleasant trying to struggle through. In the nutrition guide, Tony says you should eat more calories if you’re running out of energy despite getting 7 hours sleep. Seven hours sleep? Who the hell manages that? I’d love to, but I’d have to drop all the workouts!

I’ll see how that goes. Maybe a few more calories each day and see if it helps.

Otherwise, time for sleep. At least 5 hours of it. Night, folks!


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