Day 17: Shoulders, Arms, Abs – the usual

Today’s shoulders and arms workout was increase-the-weights-throughout. Every single exercise I used a larger weight than last time. In a couple of cases I went up two weights.

Now – I could either just be pleased and carry on, or I could overanalyse this and try to understand why. Which do you think I’ll go for? Yep.

My theory is that now my shoulder muscles have improved a bit, my muscles are now working together better. That means that I’ve got a bit of improvement in each muscle, but a whole lot of improvement from the fact they’re helping each other out. So whereas my biceps (for instance) had some strength, I can use that strength much better now I have a bit of shoulder and back muscle to support them.

Or, alternatively, it’s a phase-of-the-moon thing, or random, or something else entirely. Who knows?

Ab Ripper also went okay. I can now get NEARLY (but not quite) through all the Mason Twists at the end. And I managed to do the obliques nearly properly today, as well. (Nearly? Well, I have to have my spare arm flat rather than at my head. Otherwise I think it was right).

So, progress. I do notice, though, that I’m less tired at the end of the workout than I used to be. Even though I’m doing the exercises to the max I can. I feel a little bit cheated, like I’m not getting a proper workout. Do I like being in pain? No. But I do want to keep going as fast as I can. I guess the change to block 2 will mix it up and make it harder again.

Plus, given that I still can’t manage all 7 days in one week, I can’t exactly complain it’s too easy 🙂

Anyway, musing and over-analysing all done, now it’s time for sleep. Night!


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