Day 20: Kenpo X

Missed a couple of days again because I felt crap. Darn it. This may be a sign that I just wasn’t fit enough when I started this. Still, as long as I keep doing what I can, it’s heading in the right direction. So I keep telling myself.

As a bonus, though, I started back today with Kenpo X, which I’ve decided is my favourite workout of the week. I just love doing the kicks, blocks, and punches and imagining I could actually hit someone. (Although I do know I’d be completely ineffective in real life – not to mention not actually wanting to hit anyone).

It works up a good sweat and gets my heart going without ever feeling like work. How cool is that?

So, because I missed the legs and back workout, I’m going to do that tomorrow, and then on to my first recovery week! Wow, time has flown by fast. I just looked at the schedule, and I still get to do Kenpo next week (yay!) and 2x yoga, 2x core synergistics which will be new and 2x stretch. Then take my day 30 photos.


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