Day 21: Legs & Back (off-schedule)

Caught up tonight on the missed Legs & Back workout from Friday. Didn’t go so well – a good workout but I hadn’t eaten enough calories and I was shaking before half-way through. Still, I survived – more or less.

I’m still struggling with the pull-up issue. I kept sliding across the floor with 60lb bands, but on the other hand I’m really not strong enough to do a proper pull-up yet. I’m compromising by mostly-not-quite standing on a chair and lifting as much of my weight as I can, but then I’m wiped out half-way through the workout. I skipped the last couple of rounds of pull-ups completely.

I’m not sure if this is actually effective or not, but it definitely makes me feel like a complete and utter wuss. Not fun.

Anyway, I got a decent leg workout, so let’s keep remembering the positive. And tomorrow I start the first recovery week – should be fun.


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