Day 22. I. Hate. Yoga.

So, for three weeks of the first block I’ve managed to skip the yoga for ENTIRELY valid reasons, but I’m in recovery week one now and there are two lots of yoga. So, time to face the music.

Here’s my secret: I hate yoga. Not just yoga – I hate static stretches, too, and yoga seems to be an entire hour and a half of static stretches. They hurt. I hate it. I’m miserable throughout, and then at some point I burst into tears and pull it together again and then burst into tears and give up.

At this point, I’m sure someone’s going to point out that this is a benefit of yoga, that it releases hidden tensions and helps you achieve emotional or spiritual breakthroughs. All I can say is, in that case why do I feel so bloody miserable afterwards? It doesn’t feel like catharsis, it doesn’t feel like tensions are released, it just feels like I’m in pain throughout, and then at some point it just hurts too much.

Anyway – I made it to about 43m in today before I’d had enough. It’ll be interesting to see whether gradually the time I make it through gets longer or not.

Meantime, it’s over for now, and tomorrow is Core Synergistics, which I haven’t done before. Let’s hope that’s a fun one!

Night, all.


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