Day 23: Core Synergistics

First off, I suppose I ought to say that despite really, really hating the yoga yesterday, it seems to have done some good. This morning I could definitely feel that the yoga workout had (a) properly worked some muscles and (b) loosened up some muscles. So maybe I don’t hate yoga quite as much as I thought.

Also, aching pectoral muscles – almost exactly the same list of symptoms they tell you might indicate a heart attack. Just saying…

Anyway, today was Core Synergistics. I’ve been feeling under the weather all day, and really didn’t want to do this. But I know I’ve slipped a few workouts recently, and I really, really want to stay on track. So this evening I was feeling a little bit better and I thought I’d give the workout a try.

I won’t go through the workout step-by-step, but three key things.

1) When I watched it first, it looked completely impossible, but it’s actually not as bad as that. It would have been completely impossible three weeks ago, but now it’s just tough. Can I do it all? No. Not even the easy versions. But can I do enough to get a really good workout? Yes.

2) I got cramp in my hamstrings. Ow. Now, this could be a really bad thing (and yes, ow) – but I think it’s actually a sign that my hamstrings are starting to loosen up a bit. For the first time, I seem to be able to actually stretch them slightly instead of just having them sit there like knotted string. So maybe that’s a good sign? We’ll see over the next few weeks, I’m sure. I wonder if this is down to the yoga?

3) I could actually do the Reach High & Under Push-Ups! Not at the speed that the P90X guys do them, but I could do some! For someone who couldn’t even do a push-up when I started three weeks ago, that’s so exciting it’s untrue. In fact, I was impressed I could do a full-length push-up, and then amazed when I could do the Prison Cell Push-Ups (without the jump), and then astounded when I could do the Reach High… ones. It really showed me how much I’ve improved, and how worthwhile this whole thing is.

Tomorrow, Kenpo (which is my favourite anyway), and then repeat Core & Yoga again. After yesterday’s complete downer, I’m looking forward to it again. So, that’s it – end today on a high!


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