Day 26: Core Synergistics

Another couple of days break to catch up on sleep. Truthfully, I’m finding the hardest thing about P90X is the sleep I miss doing exercise in the evening. I’ll have to find some other plan.

Nevertheless – Core Synergistics again. I quite like this one. I also quite hate it. It’s mixed. I like that fact that I can do some moves that seem impossible, but I also hate the fact that all the moves seem impossible. It’s tough, but rewarding. Etc. (Add cliches as appropriate). I managed to do 4 back-to-back Reach High & Under without falling over (or touching the ground with knees)!

Anyway, the days I missed were Kenpo and Stretch. I’m not too worried about  missing the stretching. Yes, I know it’s important – but I also know that the next two scheduled days are Yoga and Stretch again. More bothered about missing Kenpo – I might have to find some way to squeeze that in. The morning of the stretch day, maybe.

Otherwise – dreading yoga tomorrow, but I know it’ll probably do some good. Looking forward to a new set of strength workouts next week – Chest/Shoulder/Tri anyone?

PS. As an afterthought – the Lunge & Reach exercise really kills my hamstrings – is that normal, or does that mean I’m doing it wrong? Anyone know?


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