Day 29, Day 32: Catch-up on missed blogs

I notice I forgot to blog after Monday night’s workout, so this is a 2-in-1 blog. Not, sadly, 4-in-1 as I missed two workouts. My son’s first day at school and my evenings got taken up with nametag sewing. I genuinely don’t have enough spare time to do that and P90X. 😦

Still, it’s a once-a-year thing, so never mind. Moving on: Monday (day 29) was the first time trying the Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout. I enjoyed it a lot, although there did seem to be quite a few exercises that weren’t new. I guess I should have expected that really, but since every workout until now has been new exercises it felt a bit odd.

Once I’d got over that the workout was good – enjoyable, hard work, and boy did I feel it the next day. I followed it up with half of Ab Ripper before I totally ran out of energy. Must remember not to cut my calories too low – I keep eating about 1200 (not including the post-workout recovery drink), and that really doesn’t seem to be enough to get to the end of P90X.

Today, Yoga. This is only my second time of doing it, for various crap reasons, and the first time I wussed out/was exhausted/had done as much as I could (delete as appopriate) about 40-something minutes in. This time, my goal was to get maybe 5 mins more than that – to the end of the dynamic stretches.

Guess what? I got to the end! Whoopee!

Did I do all the stretches and poses? Like hell. There was plenty in there that I couldn’t do, especially as my balance is utterly terrible. Still, I made it to the end and tried everything even if I failed completely at a few (half moon stretches, I mean you!).

So, going from less than half to the full DVD feels like good progress. Maybe from here on out the stretches will get a bit longer!


Day 28: Argh! Ow!

Have you ever noticed how two different health goals can sometimes completely oppose one another? Like when you exercise more, and it makes you hungry so you eat too much? Or you eat less, and it makes you too tired to exercise?

For the last two days, I’ve cut out caffeine. I definitely needed to – I practically live on Diet Coke, and it’s horribly bad for me. But the down side of the move is that I’ve now had a raging headache for 2 days. Not a slight, niggly-but-I-can-live-with-it headache, I mean a real raging migraine. I got through yesterday with strategic dozes, but today’s been horrific.

Which led to a dilemma. Do I miss MORE of P90X, or do I try to exercise with a sick migraine, or do I exercise on painkillers. The problem with the last being that it’s very easy to overdo the exercise and do some damage.

I went for option 1 – missing the second Yoga this week. Which kind of sucks. Although, frankly, not as much as this ****ing headache does at the moment.

Anyway, hoping I’m in a better mood tomorrow, and the headache is a thing of the past. And that I remember NOT to start drinking Diet Coke again once this is over…