Day 28: Argh! Ow!

Have you ever noticed how two different health goals can sometimes completely oppose one another? Like when you exercise more, and it makes you hungry so you eat too much? Or you eat less, and it makes you too tired to exercise?

For the last two days, I’ve cut out caffeine. I definitely needed to – I practically live on Diet Coke, and it’s horribly bad for me. But the down side of the move is that I’ve now had a raging headache for 2 days. Not a slight, niggly-but-I-can-live-with-it headache, I mean a real raging migraine. I got through yesterday with strategic dozes, but today’s been horrific.

Which led to a dilemma. Do I miss MORE of P90X, or do I try to exercise with a sick migraine, or do I exercise on painkillers. The problem with the last being that it’s very easy to overdo the exercise and do some damage.

I went for option 1 – missing the second Yoga this week. Which kind of sucks. Although, frankly, not as much as this ****ing headache does at the moment.

Anyway, hoping I’m in a better mood tomorrow, and the headache is a thing of the past. And that I remember NOT to start drinking Diet Coke again once this is over…


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