Whole 30 Diary – Day 13 – The Dragon Roars

Insert expletive/blasphemy of choice here. The sugar dragon has woken up and stretched his wings.

Until now, Whole 30 hasn’t been too bad. The first week was physically exhausting, but my willpower was up to it. And I rested lots. The second week, so far, has been more about beating the habit. And I’ve been sailing through. Feeling, if I’m totally honest, the tiniest bit smug about how well I’m coping.

And then today happened. The smugness is gone. Although i haven’t broken Whole 30, but I really had to work for it.

A few things combined. First, I think I’ve got a bit of a cold. Nothing too bad, but sneezy, blocked nose and running a bit of a temperature. Feeling a bit snuggle-down-and-eat-comfort-food-ish. Secondly, I’ve been a bit short on sleep for the last couple of nights because of early starts. And then I had to do a grocery shop when I was hungry, which is never a great idea.

As I walked round that supermarket, I don’t think there was a single sugary item that I didn’t crave. I even noticed products that I’d never seen before. Did you know there’s a caramel coffee type of those coffee pods? Nor did I, but today I noticed. And wanted some.

The store had the gluten-free, dairy-free Christmas stuff in, and normally I’d buy that as soon as it’s available, since they tend to run out. Today I decided that there was no way it was safe to have them in the house while I’m in this mood.

So I didn’t succumb, and made it safely back home. But today I definitely feel like I’ll have earned the achievement when I make day 30!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wolf down some salmon and veggies so that I at least don’t feel hungry!


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