Whole 30 Diary – Day 25!

Holy crap! It’s day 25. Including today – which is half over already – I’ve got just six days left of my Whole 30!

So, a quick update. I’m feeling a lot better than I did last week – I think it was just a monthly cycle thing. So, that’s something. I’m still really craving sugary stuff – I think because the end is in sight. But as it gets nearer, I’m also starting to want to break the Whole 30 less. It’s as if it was a nice dream but I don’t really want to go back to sugar in reality. I will have one sugary treat when the Whole 30 is over though… maybe… I think… Well, let’s wait and see how I feel in another five days.

I really am looking forward to getting a few things back. Eggs, for one. (Yes, I know Whole 30 allows eggs, but I’m on the autoimmune protocol). I don’t really think that I have a problem with eggs, so assuming the reintroduction goes okay, it’ll be good to get them back. I’m dying for a really huge veg-filled frittata. I’m glad I cut eggs out though, as otherwise I think I would have eaten them too much. When they get reintroduced, it will be as just one more option for protein, not as a breakfast staple.

I also still need to broaden my recipe repertoire. I was reading Ottolenghi’s “Plenty” last night, and while there are lots of non-compliant recipes in there, it gave me loads of ideas of things I could adapt. I need to crack on and do it!

I also haven’t been doing the exercise that I should have. Starting today, strength workout every three days, yoga on the intervening days. And I want to learn to do a handstand. And after that, a cartwheel. And at some point, a pull-up. (That last may take a while, but let’s see). For now, handstand.

I also promised myself that I’d write out the list of how I feel better, just to remind myself on day 31 what it was all for (and why I don’t want to lapse!). So here it is:

More energy, no sugar lows.
Slimmer, and also less achy and more flexible.
Less fuzzy-mouth at the end of the day and in the morning.
Fingernails growing well, not breaking.
Not feeling hungry all the time.
Fall asleep easily, feel properly awake in the morning.
Easier to concentrate, I’m getting more stuff done.
Wider choice of meals, not always cooking the same few favourites out of a packet.

Things still to work on:
Getting enough sleep. (Although the sleep I am getting is more refreshing).
Exercise more.
Drink more fluids.
Learn more recipes, plan meals ahead.
Eat seasonally.
Make my meat choices more sustainable.

So, less than a week to go… But also a lifetime ahead to keep tuning this. Starting with some planning in this last week.


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