Why Make Life Easy? W30 and P90

Hey, at least it’s not P90X! (Maybe next time).

I’ve had trouble getting back on the W30 bandwagon, because it doesn’t seem like such a big thing second time, but I really, really want to get back to eating heathily again, and get fitter. I haven’t been eating super-bad – no weight gains – but I’ve lost the “feel great” factor. So I decided to double down. W30 and P90 – to make sure I get the exercise I need as well.

Technically, I should start the P90 on a Monday – there’s a calendar – but I’m just going to add a couple of extra days onto the beginning rather than put it off for two days.

So, first day. Food – sausages and vegs for breakfast, tuna nicoise (spinach, fine beans, red onion, olives and tuna) for lunch, sliced chicken and more vegs for dinner. Exercise – “Sweat A” (modified!). Okay, done.

Can I keep this up for 90 days? Ulp. Yeah, what the hell.

Now excuse me while I go have an essay crisis. Busy, busy….


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