Maybe Sometimes I Do Need Sugar

In the ongoing n=1 experiment that is my life, I think I’ve found the time when I legitimately do need sugar. Well, not the white powdery stuff, but a couple of nakd bars.

I’ve done two runs this week – 4.0 and 5.0 – and yesterday I was feeling a but rubbish. Nothing major, but it felt like my muscles just had no energy in them. Not exactly achy but as if the batteries were flat. So on the presumption that I needed rest, I spent the day relaxing, and ate some nakd bars – they’re about 50% dates, so quite carby. By the afternoon, I felt much better.

I guess if I’m exercising, I need to up the carbs a bit – but I’ve noticed that eating carbs before a run (even 2 hours before) makes it uncomfortable to run. So maybe a slight post-run carb top up. I know that P90X recommends carbs as well as protein in a recovery drink, so I guess it makes sense.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling good for my run this evening!


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