Post-Christmas Cleanup

I’ve been off the diet/exercise over Christmas, but today was the day to restart healthy eating. Truth be told, I didn’t actually go too wrong for most of Christmas, anyway. Still, worth a refresher for the New Year so that I get started with good habits.

I’m not quite sure what flavour of Whole 30 I’m doing. I did AIP last time, but there are some things I’m pretty confident are okay – e.g. nuts – and some that I think might (only might) be a problem (nightshades).

I’m definitely avoiding soy from here on out though – Whole 30 or not. It doesn’t seem to agree with me at all. And I’ve definitely noticed that after Christmas, I could use a sugar reset. Temptation has crept back.

I’m really looking forward to this Whole30 – I don’t feel deprived this time, I feel excited about eating healthily again. I’m not saying I didn’t have chocolate cravings today, mind you. Hey, if I didn’t have the cravings I wouldn’t NEED to do another Whole30.

Also, I’m deferring restarting jogging until my son is back at school – I haven’t managed to persuade him to run with me. That will be day 10. Maybe I’ll manage to sneak in some small runs before then!

So excited to start the New Year right! Happy 2015 everyone!


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