So I’m on day 8 of my second Whole 30. I’m am, in a technical sense, failing. Why? Food cheats? Nope. Weighing myself. I can’t quite break the addiction. I’ve read the Whole 30 article about why you shouldn’t do that, and I wholeheartedly agree with it… And yet.

Anyway, I figure I should still carry on and eat right anyway, because why wouldn’t I? I’m still working on the no-weighing thing. Leaving aside that confession, I’m on Day 8, and doing okay. It’s much easier this time than the first time as although I’d slipped a bit over Christmas, I haven’t been eating too badly. Today I did doze off about 7 though… Sleep needed 🙂

Two of my major aims this time around were (1) move away from easy, plain meals and start cooking more flavourful recipes, and (2) start my son eating more healthily. He’s not going to be eating the same as me exactly, because he’s seven and active, whereas I’m 39 and trying to lose a lot of weight. But he can certainly eat more vegetables and lose some junk from his diet.

I’ve “discovered” (in the sense of agreeing with the zillion other people who recommend it) Melissa Joulwan’s “Well Fed”, and I’m loving it! And, even better, my son is enjoying cooking and eating the recipes with me! He’s happy to eat cauliflower rice, loves chocolate chilli, wants to try kale! It’s nothing short of a miracle as far as I’m concerned. Really recommend the book. As everyone else does 🙂

Exercise-wise, not so good. I’m looking forward to school starting back on Tuesday so I can do midday runs again. I jogged round the park following my son on his bike today, and felt less fit than before Christmas. I have to figure out a way, before Easter, of getting enough exercise in the school holidays.

Otherwise, all is good, and I’m enjoying the healthy eating. It still feels like a luxury rather than being deprived (unless I’m starving and dinner isn’t ready yet, when I still crave biscuits). Looking forward to the next 22 days!


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