Whole 30 #2, attempt 1,000,000

Roughly. It feels like.

So, I did my first Whole 30 with no real trouble. The second, I’ve failed way too many times. But why? The excitement of something new first time? Being less strict second time? (The first Whole 30 was AIP, the second not). Or just lack of willpower, or less time to spare?

Whatever the reason, I’m done. This is the one that is going to work. Y rules are AIP (which ought to be harder but somehow isn’t), no cocoa as flavouring, no coffee (my downfall – it gives me massive sugar cravings).

I’ve lost 18kg, gained back 2kg, and need to lose 11kg more. This is where I could “get stuck” – and I’m not going to let that happen. Time to get serious.

Day one down, twenty-nine (or more) to go.


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