Whole30 #2, Day 4

Just coming to the end of day 4 on my umpteenth attempt at a second Whole30. This time, however, it will work. Because (a) it’s been long enough since I lost any weight that I’m motivated again, (b) I had let the eating slip enough that I really felt crap again, and (c) just because I’m bored with failing.

Today has been exhausted-and-just-want-to-sleep day, which is unsurprising. Had a couple extra nibbles – nuts and grapes, which are allowed if not perfect. And just starting to feel like I’m not starving to death. (Yes, I know I’m allowed – encouraged – to eat more if I’m starving. For the first two or three days, it just doesn’t help. My body doesn’t want food, it wants sugar).

The housework has slipped, the course work has slipped, and I don’t care – I’ll get to the end of week one and pick it all up. Today was spent giving myself a break and eating right.

Feeling happy (if hungry).