September #Whole30 Prep

So, as I’ve talked about previously, I can’t just jump into a #Whole30 straight from bad eating. Right now, I’m not eating great. I’m not eating dairy or gluten, but I’m eating sugar and drinking Diet Coke, neither of which is any good for me.

I need to get ahead before September 5th by cutting out sugar and Diet Coke before I move into the Whole 30 on September 5th, otherwise it’s just going to be impossible. Unfortunately, cutting out Diet Coke gives me a stinking migraine and I can’t do anything all day, and I’ve got a busy week ahead. So here’s my plan.

Today (29 Aug) Cut out sugar.
Tomorrow (30 Aug) Max one Diet Coke per day. No sugar.
Friday (2 Sep) No sugar or Diet Cokes, no crisps.
#Whole30 (Sep 5) The Whole 30 begins properly.

Honestly, each time I try to cut this stuff, I wonder why I was so stupid to start drinking Diet Coke again anyway. Usually it was a trip to the pub and feeling too embarrassed to drink water, or else needing to do without much sleep for a while… Ah well. It’ll be nice to get rid of it from my life again.

Here’s to September!


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