September #Whole30

So, I’ve been eating more-healthy, less-healthy on and off for a while, but right now I’m in a rut. Lo and behold, what should turn up in my email box but the September #Whole30. Yay!

It’s running from Sep 5th to Oct 4th, timed to end just with the release of Melissa Hartwig’s book on reintroduction. So yeah, it’s kind of a marketing stunt. But if you’re a Whole 30 fan already, you won’t really care (and were maybe going to buy the book anyway). If you’re not, and you don’t try or don’t like the Whole 30, you probably won’t buy the new book anyway. So really, it all stands and falls on the basis of whether Whole30 works for you.

I’m in.

Comment if you’re joining in too, and leave the link to your blog, so we can support each other through.

EDIT: I forgot to mention: I’m doing this in a month when I have four exams. So if I can do it, you definitely can 🙂


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