Day 2 of #Whole30 

So I’m on day 2 of the Whole30, and so far not so bad. I mean, I’m tired and I want snacks, but I knew that was coming. No horrible migraines this time because I cut out Diet Coke a month back and also cut way back on coffee before I started.

I’m also still using the Fabulous app (see my last post) so that helps too – keeping hydrated and doing just a little exercise (but not too much). 

My son has also agreed that we’re going to do a Pokémon Go walk every single day, and we’re signed up to do Gung Ho! in July (5k with inflatable obstacles, we’re really looking forward to it). 

The other thing that’s helping me in 2017 is Daylio, a mood tracker app. It asks you each day to pick a smiley from 1 to 5, and you can optionally add what you were doing and some notes. It helps me because whenever I’m down I am totally convinced that I’m nearly always down. A quick look back through the app reminds me that I’m actually happy most of the time. I’m hoping that it will also show an improvement from cutting out sugar!

Well done to you if you’re also doing a Whole30 (or anything else) to improve your life and your health. Good luck, and leave a comment if you’re blogging through this too so that I can follow you!


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