Progress and Setbacks on my #Whole30

So I made it through the whole first week of my Whole30! Yay me!

And then day 8 happened.

Let me set the scene. Monday night, I sprain my ankle, so I can’t put any weight on that leg. Then remember that I have to get up three hours earlier than usual on Tuesday morning to take the cat for an eye operation.

Tuesday morning I get up, my son is super-helpful, we manage to catch the cat and put him in his cat box, leave the house (breakfastless, because too much to do and too slowly limping), head towards the vet, and I have to stop for fuel. And there’s my favourite gluten-free piri-piri chicken wrap right in front of me as I go to pay.

Oh well.

So, I’m back to Day 1 again, but to be honest, I’m not feeling too bad about it. This isn’t, as on previous occasions, a failure of my Whole30, it’s a learning experience that yes, I really *do* need to plan to succeed in healthy eating. Which I know that I can do. And also a reminder that hey, sometimes life happens and there’s no point blaming myself for that. No-one eats perfectly all the time.

Plus, despite my slip, I’m a lot better off for having spent a week eating healthily – one wrap doesn’t undo what I achieved already.

So yeah, back to the beginning of the count, but still moving onwards towards my goal of eating more healthily.


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