Decisions, decisions #Whole30

I’ve been trying to decide the rules for my September #Whole30. Yes, I know you can’t vary the rules of the Whole 30. But.

The first time I did a Whole30, I did the AIP version. It was really tough, but I really noticed the difference to my health. For the first time since school, I could run without pain. But since I fluffed the reintroduction from that Whole30, I don’t really know which foods made the difference. So I’ve been trying to decide whether to do AIP again or just a regular Whole30.

I do have a gut feel, which is that nightshades don’t agree with me, but I think I’m fine with eggs. So I’ve decided to go with that: Whole30, plus no nightshades. It rules out potatoes, but that’s probably a good thing for me anyway. The really painful bit is ruling out any tomato-based sauces. No chilli. No bolognese. No pico de gallo. Still, hopefully it won’t be forever: if I do the reintroduction properly this time, I can work out whether I actually am affected by them or not.

I struggled with whether to leave out eggs: I didn’t include them for the first Whole30, and I was really worried that I might not get the same benefits if I include them. But I realised that there is no perfect answer. Eggs are allowed on the Whole30, so I’m totally allowed to eat them. If I do the entire 30 days and don’t see the same benefits, then maybe I’ll cut out eggs too. But for now I’ll just run with my best guess.

So: looking up AIP recipes 🙂 But I can still have egg-based breakfasts. 🙂 🙂 Although frankly, I’m not a morning person until at least week 3 of the W30, so breakfast will most likely be some shredded chicken/turkey and steamed veg until then!

Prep: making progress.

Re-reading “It Starts With Food”: well underway.

Days to Whole30: 4 (eek!)

Days to first exam: 12 (argh!)


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