Whole 30 Diary – Day 21!

Wow! How did I get to day 21 successfully? Only 9 more days to go…

In theory, this should be the Tiger Blood section of the Whole 30, but I just haven’t been feeling it. Without going into TMI territory, let’s just say I’ve spent the last four or five days trying to make sure I’m eating enough fibre (my diet’s 80% vegetables, for goodness sake!) and that I’m drinking enough. Also I’ve taken some probiotics, as that was another suggestion from the Whole 30 site. Things seem to be improving, but eight drinks a day is LOADS! How does anyone drink that much without getting bored?

Also, I’ve noticed, it’s now been long enough since this began that I’m starting to take some of the benefits for granted. I did a quick audit to remind myself of what has improved since I started this – it’s a lot! It’s all too easy to forget how I felt when I was eating sugar.

Otherwise, I’m getting a bit bored with food – I’ve just bought a soup cookbook, and planning to experiment with some new recipes as well. A lot of the Whole 30 recipes aren’t okay on the autoimmune version, though – still, I can keep searching.

I am starting to fantasise about what the first treat will be when the 30 days are up. Today I cleared out my fridge to get rid of some chocolate that was stale, and tucked behind it was a small bar of my absolute favourite chocolate! Argh! If I can, I’ll leave it there until day 31. If I can’t, I’ll just have to let my son eat it! 🙂

So… Hopefully on the downward slope towards the finish, but still making adjustments and trying to get the diet right. And just 9 days to go…


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